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Valuatum Equity Research Product

What is it?

Valuatum Platform is an Extranet solution that enables efficient and transparent distribution of broker research products. It comprises both the actual analyst researches in PDF-format (also tool for generating them) and the entire numerical data produced by the broker in an easy-to-use HTML format with quarterly and divisional forecasts (click here for demo). The solution also includes comprehensive valuation models of all the companies followed, with which investors can test e.g. the impact of their own assumptions on company key figures and on DCF-valuation. The whole product can be installed to be an integral part of broker’s current www-services. Brokers can also limit the service to those parts that suit their specific needs.

From the end-user's perspective the product consists of two main elements:

ValuViews (HTML-pages)
ValuModels (java valuation model) and Parameter Query (also java-based)

The picture on the right describes the product from the perspective of end-user (institutional investor).

(Click picture to enlarge it.)

To whom?

We develop and host Valuatum Client and ValuViews for stockbrokers and other equity research providers. The idea is that stockbrokers buy these services and offer them to their own customers, i.e. to investors. The product that enables these services is called Valuatum Platform.

Company valuation model is offered also as a stand-alone software application for a wider scope of users - etc. consultants and industrial companies.

See Valuatum Product Benefits


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Have a closer look

Valuatum Client: Company Valuation Model and Database Query.

ValuViews: Daily updated web pages from the research database.

Valuatum Platform: A system that makes ValuViews and Client possible.

Valuatum Word Templates: A tool for generating research pdf-reports (their tables and graphs) from research data in seconds.

Valuatum Network: Brokers can share their research data with each others.

Valuatum Platform Integration, Excel-integration and Excel-conversions

Valuatum Tutorials: User Documentation familiarizes your also with the details.


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