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Support for end-users (investors)


ValuViews intro is the only source for information about ValuViews because as a browser based solution (only www-pages) there has been no need or enquiries for help materials for using it. The calculation of different parameters can be found e.g. in Key Figures -page.

ValuModels Tutorials

Tutorials Main Page - See tutorial pages to learn more about ValuModel i.e. company valuation model: how to use it and how it works (how the model works, balance sheet is made even, key figures and DCF/EVA are calculated etc.)

A4 Model Tip List - Download and print a list of useful tips in using the valuation model. (Word2000)

ValuModels and Parameter Query Installation

ValuModels Installation Instructions will guide you through the required steps to install and start the application.

System Requirements will draft an outline for the end user's systems requirements for ValuModels and Parameter Query.

Troubleshooting page provides help to known problem situations at ValuModels installation.

Support for analysts (research producers)

Analyst Help

Analyst Help Main Page - Questions and links to the answers.

Freelance Analysis Step-by-Step Guide - How to start producing freelance analysis (using prefilled Valuatum Excel model) with all the steps from registration to forum comments and getting feedback.

Empty Excel model Step-by-Step Guide - How to start using Valuatum Excel model (without prefilled numbers) and transferring research to Valuatum Platform (more detailed with Excel-model than the Freelance Analysis SBS).

Excel Tutorials - Detailed information about using Valuatum Excel model.

Admin Instructions - How to administrate users, companies etc?

Platform Integration

Platform Integration (link is to Product section). How information provider's current research can be integrated to Valuatum Platform?

Send feedback

Feedback Form

If you want to give feedback, report a bug, suggest an improvement or request help, please use our Feedback Form.

email: support (at)


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