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Valuatum Oy is a software company specialising in advanced equity analysis solutions. Our core product,company valuation software, is sold also separately.

Stockbrokers and independent equity research providers compose our primary market. We offer them software product that delivers their research data to their customers instantly, complete and in illustrative and re-usable format (demo). This format includes e.g. company valuation models.

Also dozens of freelance analysts produce research data to our platform and this data can be used as "raw material" by brokers, indep. res. providers or private wealth management units.

Valuatum Equity Research Product
Our product enables brokers also to form partnership where the research of all partners can be delivered to customers.

E.g. brokers can save vast amounts of work (and money) as they cost-efficiently buy this research data and build their own scenarios on top of that - or just use our platform with their own data (already our Word templates for generating pdf-reports help a lot).

Our research data (provided by freelance-analysts or other indep.res.providers) is also sold to end-users directly: both institutional and retail investors. The latter normally through e-banking divisions, online-stockbrokers or media, which act as distributors.

We also actively seek partnerships and form revenue sharing agreements with the players mentioned above. Please contact us to discuss such possibilities.

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