Valuatum Platform

Valuatum offers several configurable solutions for Credit and Equity Research purposes. All our solutions utilize Valuatum Platform’s versatile system, which consists of intelligent financial statement models complemented with a wide variety of financial analysis tools.

The comprehensive financial statement models are the cornerstone of the system. Valuatum Platform allows the versatile forecasting of financial position of a company. The system is able to generate fully adjustable future estimates based on historical data or consensus estimates. This feature offers practically unlimited possibilities to generate balance sheet and income statement forecasts, in addition to the according key figures (e.g. future ROA %). All these parameters can be used in credit scoring or stock screening.

All Valuatum solutions are delivered as a service (SaaS).

Key features:

  • Automatically created full & transparent financial company models and estimates of key figures
  • Automatically calculated credit scorings with user-defined scoring formula
  • Screening lists, automatically generated target prices (with back-testing possibility)
  • SSO authentication or user ID + password, user permissions based on user groups
  • White label option
  • PDF report library
  • Powerpoint & Word add-ins fetch the data to report templates which can be edited and published


 Valuatum platform