Support Offered

Valuatum is committed to deliver high quality and high availability services to its customers. We provide professional support for our company models and financial calculations. We also provide user support for all features and their use in all of our solutions. Customer feedback praises the quality and speed or our support functions. Support can be reached by phone and e-mail during business hours Monday to Friday.

Valuatum’s solutions are delivered using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that Valuatum hosts and maintains the system. Customers access the solutions using any conventional web-browser. A web-service interface enables other IT-systems to be integrated with Valuatum’s services. These systems can include information providers, like Bloomberg and Reuters, or other systems like customer relationship management (CRM) and publishing systems. All connections from and to the system are encrypted with the best available methods. Our hosting facilities are certified and have passed a number of audits from banks, brokers and institutions.

Our software testing and quality control is based on techniques and methods that are used worldwide. Agile software development guarantees effective deployment of customer requests. Valuatum is committed to continuously develop its software services and the underlying platform benefiting all customers.