Private Equity Solution

Valuatum offers private equity and venture capital investors several solutions and applications that support operations. These include for instance forecasting and value determination models tailored to the sector's needs, templates suitable for target company reporting and versatile database solutions that support business. Valuatum’s database solution also enables production of a number of services, such as extranet portals to the investors.

Valuatum’s tailored solutions promote the operations of private equity companies from the start of the investment process all the way to the final divestment. Thanks to open interfaces, the applications are also compatible with most third party systems such as Bloomberg, ThomsonReuters and Dun & Bradstreet. Compatibility at model and data system levels enables for instance downloading of annual report and accounts from service providers.

As part of its standard services, Valuatum also maintains the systems and applications

Our applications

  • Company Valuation Models
  • Research Templates
  • Smart Databases
  • Research Libraries and extranet solutions
  • Support and Hosting