Esa Mäkeläinen, CEO and Founder

E-mail esam-www at
Tel +358 45 123 0308
Mobile +358 50 307 4880
Skype esamake
Education MSc Economics, Helsinki School of Economics
Background Before founding Valuatum in 2000 Esa Mäkeläinen has worked in different sides of financial analysis and valuation: as consultant (EVA and value based management) in SMCF, Rettig/Marli and Kamensky Consulting, in credit risk analysis in Merita Bank and in equity analysis in Nordea Securities. Esa is currently also active as board member in several IT-companies.

Niklas Mäki, CTO

E-mail  niklas.maki at
Tel +358 45 123 0308
Education BSc Mathematics, University of Helsinki
Background Niklas joined Valuatum as a software engineer in March 2017. He started as CTO in the fall of 2018. Niklas's role as CTO entails a number of functions including software project management, developer management and technical implementation.

Kalle Piiroinen, Product Manager

E-mail  kalle.piiroinen at
Tel +358 50 344 9672
Education MSc Technology, Aalto University; MSc Economics, Aalto University
Background Kalle joined Valuatum in the fall 2017 and a few months later he took the responsibility of leading the business operations team of the company. Kalle's responsibilities include project management, team management and customer support.